A native of Washington, D.C., Andrée overcame many obstacles, including drug and alcohol abuse and disability. Growing up, she witnessed domestic violence firsthand.  Andrée touches lives through various mediums that include, but not limited to workshops, seminars, books, and films. All of which are used to help people overcome difficult challenges and to promote inner peace.   As a Transition Motivator, Andrée continuously assists people in mending broken spaces and spearheading their lives upwards. “We are either going in, sitting in, or coming out of situations.” Says Andrée. Her candid nature and transparency have been the window through which people see she is relatable and genuinely cares. Because of Andrée’s desire to help others, she positively impacts as many people as possible, within the US and abroad.

In addition to her two major annual events: ‘Worthy Women of God and Keep it Real & Deal so Our Sisters Can Heal,’ the former radio show host, supports non-profit organizations, and assists in any philanthropic ventures that aim to help others. She has a passion for helping children and adults with special needs and at-risk youth. She advocates for under-privileged children as she feels they are vital to making a difference in the world. Andrée has nine children, of which seven are adopted.  Aside from her love for children, she is also passionate about foster care, adoption and domestic violence.  When she is not filming, writing, or speaking, she is spending time with her children and grandchildren.  Her favorite motto is ‘God can do anything but fail.’


“Andrée has been our keynote speaker on more than one occasion.  She captivates the audience with her energy and theatrics.  She incorporates non-traditional methods to achieve the anticipated takeaway results.”
Jonika Lynch- CEO/Founder Opulent Lady Business Network 

“Andrée, over the years, you spoke at six or more mini-workshops geared to at-risk youth in Washington, DC.   If I could sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Amazing.’ You keep their attention and allow them to participate in the activities. You’ve made a difference in the way they see themselves.” 
Clarence Miles, Executive Director-Uniting Our Youth, Inc. 

“Andrée has an awesome style of delivery that can reach people of all levels.  After attending the Empowerment Summit, I was able to follow through with business that I had always dreamed about starting.  Thanks to Andrée, my dream is now a reality.  We plan to have her speak at our workshops in the future.” 
Dr. Roshonda D. Contee- A New Experience Waiting, (ANEW) LLC.